Two Day Sourdough

Two Day Group Sourdough Course

For beginners or more experienced bakers who want to learn my methods. Note: This course is for a group of four people – you find three other people and I’ll arrange the course. Can also be run as an individual course – see below.

Two day course based on my book “Bethesdabasics – Sourdough Made Simple”. In two days we can work on eight or nine different doughs chosen to cover a range of types, styles and techniques and which show the scope of naturally leavened breads – loaves, flatbreads, ryes, sweet and savoury. Doughs can be selected from the book and my wider repertoire.

In a recent course we baked:
Mick’s Classic Sourdough
Pain de Campagne
Five Seed with Spelt
Pizza dough
Fougasse Provençale (savoury)
Cherry Tomato Focaccia
Simple Danish Rye
Brioche Provençale

The full bread making cycle explained and put into practice: starters, mixing, fermenting, scaling, shaping, proving, slashing, baking, cooling.

Small group of four allows for plenty of individual attention.

£150 per person including lunches and refreshments.

Individual course: £250.00