Bespoke & Consultancy

Consultancy & Bespoke Courses

Essentially, tell me what you need and, so long as it is within my competence, I will organise the solution for you.

Consultancy: Recent example. Two day consultancy with a baker who had the skills, the equipment and the customers but who was being pulled in all directions by uncontrolled demand for her goods. We worked together on an action plan based on my spreadsheet Bakery Management System.

Bespoke Courses: Recent example. Devised and ran a bakery vocational retraining course funded by the Welsh Assembly Government for someone who had been made redundant from another industry. Organised four two-day modules over an eight week period designed to equip someone starting from a low knowledge-base with the skills to set up and run a home-based microbakery.

Individual consultancy and training: Only £400 for two days + expenses if away from Bethesda.